toddgersteinTodd Gerstein

CEO & Founder, Smart WebPartsLet’s get right to it. Everybody hates timekeeping – attorneys and admin staff alike. I can’t sugar coat it. It is a major cause of angst at most law firms. And, it has been out of control for a long time.

And it shouldn’t surprise you that attorneys tell us it’s getting harder and harder. Why? Technology.

Technology has changed the way we work. Most attorneys have turned in hyper multi-taskers jumping back and forth between emails, phone calls, meetings and documents all day long. Who can possibly keep it all straight in 6 minute increments?  Especially if you don’t do your timesheets every day.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. Timekeeping is broken in most law firms.

We have a solution to the problem — Smart Time. Smart intuitivTime is an e time entry and time capture software program that gives timekeepers perfect recall, enabling them to prepare complete and accurate timesheets. We have a desktop version that runs in a browser and native versions for iOS and Android devices. Smart Time is compatible with Aderant, Elite, LexisNexis, Microsoft and other leading accounting systems.

Please take a minute to watch our video to learn how Smart Time can maximize profitability by boosting billable hours.

Take a look and then contact us to discover how Smart Time can help you.