Improve Attorney Timekeeping Systematically

Time entry has never been this easy.

We are passionate about meeting the user where they are. That’s why Smart Time has been designed to accommodate all timekeepers, whether they are contemporaneous, reconstructionist or collaborative in style. Our software doesn’t ask people to change, but rather creates the conditions, for every timekeeper to improve. Above all, our time entry module is painless and easy to use.

On the desktop, enter new time entries into the system. Or, turn a time capture into a time entry. Flick-It is our fast-in fast-out single-screen time entry tool. We have tile and grid timers for the desktop, too. To view and

enter time weekly, we have a weekly grid with a time gap analysis feature that finds leaked time.

At Smart Time, we are obsessed with the user interface. This is where the user engages with the product, and it must be right, or else none of the other features will matter. Our time entry interface is rock-solid and a pleasure to use.

Complete and accurate timesheets with the least amount of effort is our goal. Smart Time helps timekeepers achieve this with a flexible interface that lets them keep time in the way that works best for them.

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