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Reconstruct Your Time With Confidence 

In our research, we have uncovered three main timekeeping behaviors: contemporaneous, reconstructionist and collaborative. All timekeepers lose or forget time, leading to hours that go unbooked. We call this “leaked” time. Some timekeeping behaviors leak more time than others. But Smart Time doesn’t ask your timekeepers to change behavior—it accommodates them and helps to fill in the gaps.

That’s why we developed our time capture module. Its premise is simple: Help all timekeepers accurately complete their timesheets by providing a daily record that answers the question, “What did I do, when did I do it, and how long did it take?” It enables timekeepers to find even small increments of time that usually go unbooked and to correct underreported entries.

It works by polling the firm’s systems and the user desktop to collect information on all aspects of the timekeeper’s day. It finds emails, calendared meetings, phone calls, mobile calls, documents, dictation, browsing and more. Next, event data is cross-referenced to assign client matter codes, while supplementary data is added to the event description to better jog the timekeeper’s memory. Users can then access their data online or receive a nightly journal report.

Complete and accurate timesheets with the least amount of effort is our goal. We also aim to support every style of timekeeper, whether contemporaneous, reconstructionist or collaborative. The time capture module is astonishingly good at finding time even the best timekeepers have missed. It quickly plugs the leaks and boosts revenue.

We are certain that our time capture module will uncover significant unbooked time. While it helps all timekeepers, it’s a boon to the “reconstructionist,” who completes timesheets days or weeks later. For the “contemporaneous” timekeeper, time capture acts as a safety to ensure nothing is missed.

Smart Time Apps Team

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