Campbell, CA – March 31, 2015 – Smart Time Apps, provider of the Smart Time family of timekeeping applications, today announced the introduction of its Billing Guidelines module, which remembers e-billing guidelines and flags errors for timekeepers before entries are committed to billing. The Billing Guidelines module works in conjunction with the Smart Time Desktop and Mobile Time Entry modules.

“The way to fix e-billing compliance problems is to do so before the bill ever enters the system,” said Todd Gerstein, CEO and founder of Smart Time Apps. “The Billing Guidelines module also eases the burden on attorneys, giving them a reprieve from having to remember the many highly specific rules each client’s e-billing system demands.”

“By simply notifying users when a violation of a clients’ e-billing system has been inputted, the Billing Guidelines module improves both client-firm relations and cash flow,” said Steve Bronstein, CTO and founder of Smart Time Apps.

By preventing rejected invoices, the Billing Guidelines module makes sure your e-billing invoices are paid on time. Rejected invoices add an average of 10 days to the billing and collection cycles. By notifying the attorney at the point of time entry, Smart Time prevents rejected invoices, hours spent finding and fixing the errors and resubmitting the invoices, delays in cash flow and the breakdown in firm-client trust.

Smart Time is an all-in-one timekeeping platform for law, accounting and professional services firms. The Smart Time timekeeping platform includes time entry, time capture and mobile modules. Any one of the modules can be installed independently or together to create a complete timekeeping platform. Smart Time enables firms to effectively collect, track and recoup billable time, thereby increasing revenue and profitability.

About Smart Time Apps

Smart Time Apps provides the leading timekeeping platform for law, accounting and professional services firms. Our flagship product, Smart Time, is an all-in-one timekeeping platform. Our team of experts specializes in finance, accounting, marketing, process engineering and technology. Smart Time Apps is privately held and is headquartered in Campbell, California. For more information, visit us at