Check Time Entries For Billing Guideline Errors

Let Smart Time remember the rules, so you don’t have to.

Asking your attorneys to remember multiple clients’ billing guidelines is nearly impossible. On top of that, most law firms don’t have a system where they can store the rules. It’s chaotic. That’s why we’ve equipped Smart Time with a new Real-Time Compliance Checking module.

The module includes rules that can be set up at the firm, client or matter levels. And for the user, it provides real-time error checking to ensure entries are compliant. We think it’s time to end the chaos and let Smart Time remember the rules—so you don’t have to.

Our Fix To The eBilling Dilemma

The eBilling Problem

The trouble is that non-compliant time entries submitted to eBilling systems, on average, add 10 days of time to the billing and collection cycle. Rejected invoices lead to hours spent tracking down and fixing errors, resubmitting invoices, cash-flow delays and even a breakdown in client-firm trust.

The way to fix eBilling compliance problems is to get it right before the time entry is committed to billing. The most common errors timekeepers make are simple violations of billing guidelines. For timekeepers it is just about  impossible to keep all of the different guidelines straight.

For example, a timekeeper might enter incorrect codes for a phase, task or activity. They might exceed character or word count limits, or use “stop words” like prepare, review, work on file, research, scan, miscellaneous, etc. They might attempt to do block billing or directly bill a matter, when the rules prohibit those actions. No matter the reason, it is a frustrating cycle of rule violations and rejected invoices.

The Smart Time Solution

Our billing guidelines module gives accounting a simple interface in which to enter the rules, and it gives the timekeeper real-time compliance checking when entering time whether they are using our desktop or mobile time entry modules.

The module comes with preconfigured rules, but it is extremely flexible and configurable. If you need to add or change a rule, it is very easy to do. Also, rules can be stored for the firm, client and matter. And, we will add new rules to the system as firms need them, enhancing the library for everybody.

No matter where the attorney is working—in the office on the desktop or on-the-go on a mobile device, their entries will be automatically checked in real time against the billing guideline rules and be notified immediately if there’s an error. That way the timekeeper can fix the problem right on the spot ending the ugly submit-and-reject cycle that so many firms experience with eBilling.

We are thrilled to introduce a tool that will simplify compliance and make eBilling easy. Attorneys will get relief from the burden of trying to remember all the rules, and Accounting will stop wasting time tracking down and fixing errors. Plus, there will be improvements in cash flow thanks to a decrease in rejected invoices, not to mention an improvement in client trust.

I want to see Billing Guidelines.