What is Innovation?

Depending on whom you ask, it can mean many things. To us, innovation is the bridge between the way things have been done and what comes next. It’s the vision to do something different. Something better. At Smart Time Apps we build high-value, innovative software to improve law, accounting and consulting firm profitability. Our first product, Smart Time, helps timekeepers prepare complete and accurate timesheets. And now we are happy to introduce EBILLREADY, which helps law firms automate eBill compliance to make sure eBills are correct before they are submitted to your eBilling vendors.


Meet Our Founders

Industry Experts Ready to Help

Todd Gerstein

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Gerstein is the CEO of Smart Time Apps. With deep experience in the legal industry, Todd has led his team to build innovative, high-value applications that make law firms more profitable. Prior to Smart Time Apps, Todd was a Technology Consultant that helped AMLAW 200 firms implement financial and practice management systems.


Steve Bronstein

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Bronstein is a founder of Smart Time Apps and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. Steve is responsible for overseeing Smart Time Apps’ product and technology strategy. Steve has over 20 years of experience designing and engineering complex systems for law firms. Prior to founding Smart Time Apps, Steve was a principal at the Front Office Team.



Kjell Pinter

Vice President, Development

Kjell Pinter is a founder of Smart Time Apps and serves as the VP of Development. Kjell oversees the development of all Smart Time software products. Prior to founding Smart Time Apps, Kjell was a principal and Lead Software Developer for Front Office Team, where he built custom financial and practice management applications for AMLAW 200 firms.