There’s a lot to consider when you decide to do a complete rewrite of your interface. Important questions come up: How do you balance form and function? How do you make sure that everything is necessary while nothing is missing? How do we make sure that the interface is useful, intuitive and beautifully simple?

This is what we wanted for Smart Time 5. Of course, a timekeeping system comes with its own set of visual design challenges. We scrutinized many designs, including our competitors’ and today’s most popular apps. In the end, we decided to adopt a minimalist approach when designing Smart Time 5.

It means that some of our pages are designed to be simple—to be without distraction. While other pages—that pack a lot of data and user activity—are designed to only provide what is necessary.

We also believe that minimalist design is beautiful because it is simple. We strive for a design that makes it as easy as possible for our clients to access and manage data, and doesn’t impede or interfere with that work.

Mobile devices have contributed to the rise of minimalism, and the two are perfectly suited for each other. Faster loading times, less data and better compatibility are among the benefits. Plus, we have seen that designing for mobile has made us better desktop designers.

Philosophy and Aesthetic

 The minimalist philosophy asks the design to serve the content. In software terms, this means the designer creates just enough interface for users to identify their goal and then easily get there.

The minimalist aesthetic is the visual analogue to the philosophy—a site streamlined to the most functional parts will inevitably be clean and uncluttered, and hence, will use a lot of white and gray space. However, it is never boring, but instead elegant.

See It Today

We think Smart Time 5 achieves this balance of great function, easy-to-use interfaces and a pleasing aesthetic.

If you think a timekeeping system that combines power, beauty and simplicity is a dream come true, schedule a demo of Smart Time 5 and see all that it has to offer.