6 Ways We Designed Smart Time 5 To Amaze

Now that we’ve announced Smart Time 5—our most sophisticated and powerful system yet—I would like to give you an inside look into our design, and in so doing, help you see what makes this product so remarkable.

Here is our list of six things that we think will amaze.

Stellar Design

We begin with design, which is our art and our passion. Our aesthetic for design is a minimalist one, which we have used to build a beautiful, picture-perfect application. It is beautiful, but also supremely functional: our goal is to make it easy for our clients to access and manage data, without ever distracting or interfering with that work.

Advanced Features

Smart Time 5 is chock-full of great new features. One of our favorites is a user dashboard that helps timekeepers monitor their activity. And, because we believe strongly in user customization, we have laid in a set of tools that enables the user to set up Smart Time to fit their exact working style.


We’ve built a single, infinitely scalable timekeeping solution. Regardless of whether you’re a sole practitioner, small, midsize or large firm, you get the exact same system. Even we find this amazing—one code set for everybody.

Browser Compatibility

We support the user, so we support all browsers. Smart Time is HTML 5-based, and is browser independent. We support Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. We regularly monitor and test browsers to ensure the highest quality standards for our user community

Hosting Options

Host Smart Time wherever it works for your firm. Get Smart Time 5 in the cloud for instant, easy deployments, or choose on-premise installation for tight, seamless integration to your firm’s systems. The point here is that you’re in control and you get to choose, based on your firm’s specific needs.

Device Compatibility

Timekeepers are ultra mobile, but also need to switch their workflow quickly to and from their desktops. It’s easy to start working on your phone and finish it on your desktop or vice versa with Smart Time’s presence on PCs, laptops, tablets and phones.

We’ve given this product a lot of thought and incorporated years of studying timekeeping and a ton of user feedback to deliver the best, most streamlined and yet most powerful timekeeping platform available on the market. Our design also incorporates a good bit of genuine inspiration and innovation—plain old good ideas and aha! moments. We’re proud of this product and we know you’ll find using it to be an amazing experience.