Improve Timekeeping Systematically

Time Entry

A simple and intuitive user interface gives timekeepers a revolutionary experience: smooth, quick-to-learn and virtually painless. On this point, we are obsessed, and we’re confident our user experience is best-in-class.

Time Capture

Enable your timekeepers to reconstruct their time with confidence and answer the question: What did I do today and was it billable? Finally, users can achieve complete and accurate timesheets with minimal effort.

Billing Guidelines

Our module remembers e-billing rules at the firm, client and matter levels so you don’t have to. Time entries are checked in real time for violations, enabling users to fix errors and stop the e-billing chaos.

Mobile Time Entry

Native applications for iPad, iPhone and Android allow you to pick any device and get on-the-go timekeeping with real-time access to entries, reports, calendars and stats. Enjoy unparalleled seamless mobile integration.

Read What Our Clients Think About Smart Time

With Smart Time’s straightforward interface, the attorneys quickly adapted. It was a 15 minute training session. Attorneys are reporting back to us that it is taking less time for them to prepare their timesheets and they are finding additional time to book with the time capture module.

David Maloyed

Fowler White Burnett

We selected Smart Time because the platform is incredibly robust. We were not only impressed by Smart Time’s functionality, but by its intuitive users interface. And, the attorneys are excited that Smart Time is available on their iPads, which fits right into our firmwide mobility initiative.

Matthew Reynolds

Meyers Nave

Smart Time has been the only software that has facilitated my ability to bill contemporaneously or to recreate my time three months later (I happen to do both). Nothing is missed, nothing is left unbilled which you have touched, attended, phoned, created, read, looked at, or sent — electronically. It works.

Liz Messianu

Lubell Rosen

We were early adopters of Smart Time. First, we deployed their desktop browser-based time entry and time capture modules. Recently we began a testing cycle with Smart Time Mobile, and our test group really liked the system. We have begun our mobile deployment and are thrilled to provide our timekeepers a single system that includes time entry, capture and mobile.

Juan Tores

Bilzin Sumberg

We appreciated how the Smart Time products adapt easily to how lawyers actually work. Those who get bogged down in completing traditional timesheets have been pleased to find a pre-populated entry to get them started. Most of all, we’ve been pleased by the return on investment—the Smart Time team got us up and running quickly, so attorneys began finding time almost immediately.

Carrie Knudsen

Brownstein Hyatt

The attorneys who have adopted the Smart Time Mobile app on their devices “love it.” This is especially true of the younger timekeepers, who live their lives on their phones and tablets, and can now quickly incorporate their timekeeping into that flow. I was talking with one of our attorneys who piloted the app. She gave it a five-star review, but had only one complaint: – why wasn’t this available years ago?”

Frank Gillman

Lewis Brisbois

Seamless User Experience Across All Devices

Accounting System Integration

Smart Time integrates with Aderant Expert, Aderant Rainmaker, Elite Enterprise, Elite 3E, Microsoft Dynamics, Juris, ProLaw, PCLAW, Omega, ProVantage, LawTime and Timeslips. Don’t see your accounting system listed? Not to worry, we can make it happen for you.


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